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Masoud Vumbi
20.08.2018 15:09:36
Hallo an alle!
die Frauengruppe Tumaini bedankt sich bei Pro Ukunda fuer das Essen, das ihnen 6 Monate lang bezahlt wurde. Wie die Frauen mir gesagt haben, hat das ihnen sehr gut geholfen. Jetzt haben sie wieder Kraft zu arbeiten.

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Masoud Vumbi
19.08.2018 16:06:42
  • ***thanks slot for your support. We really appreciate.......... Sorry typing error in the first letter on the last line.. Thanks alot
Jacinta Ochuka
19.08.2018 16:04:37
As the patron of Bongwe primary music team I'm very glad to be writing this .wuth your help we took our team all the way to the nationals competition and we became the second best school nationally.. We left the name of Bongwe in praises as our dance made judges happy. I'm a glad teacher since we have always been winning as the best team from zonals, subzonals and even nationals.. This trip to nyeri nationals made our young children travel a lot in Kenya.. Music has made our young ones travel Kenya... I'm very happy.. Thank you for your support... Next year we aim to bring the cup home... This year we got certificates for becoming the second best.. Thank slot for your support ?????
swaib ali
17.05.2018 13:01:38
Hello ,
Am very grateful to have known pro Ukunda in terms of support and help.As parent of Monica and Millicent,i do thank the organization for assisting my girls in terms of high school fees .I would be totally pleased if i will see my girls continue with there education.

Die Eltern, so wie die Kinder in Ukunda sind sehr stolz auf Pro Ukunda fuer die unglaubliche Hilfe. Vielen Dank von allen, an alle!

yours faithful,
swaib ali

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Masoud Vumbi
Ali Mwachili
26.04.2018 13:30:02
Am taking this energable chance to my salute and gratitude time purposely to appreciate the plan you did to me of joining Diani Polytechnic, so that i may become another person in my future life. Hoping that you'll continue helping not only me, but also other children in Ukunda who are need of school fees.

Thank you!
Ali Rama Mwachili
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