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Abu Min-Bana
14.03.2019 22:03:36
<b>Awesome Page Guys!</b>
Jacinta Ochuka
09.03.2019 11:17:18
Hello wonderful friends of Bongwe primary school, I'm madam Jacinta the music and drama teacher at the school, I would love to take this oportunity to thank you all for the support given to us for drama preparations 2019..indeed we were able to buy materials and make beautiful drama uniforms for our team and transport them to the functions. Our school did a great job and was able to become second best overall in The competition which was highly competitive.. We are very happy, celebrate with us.. Asanteni blessed mama Ilonka and team.. Happy 2019
Ali Mwachili
04.03.2019 14:44:16
I am taking this humble and grant opportunity to say thank you pro ukunda for sponsoring me to join Ukunda Polytechnic. I am doing good in my studies and am so sure that i will come out with flying colours.

Asanteni sana pro ukunda

Ali Rama Mwachili
Mwanaidi Juma
04.03.2019 14:37:28
I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the education support you are giving the Children of Ukunda. I am continuing well with my studies at Diani Polytechnic. Iam so happy and promising to keep on studying hard.

Mwanaidi Juma
Osamu Mwatsingwa
04.03.2019 14:32:04
Thank you Pro Ukunda for your help regarding my high school education. Sincerely speaking, you are such a unique Organization, and i am very proud of you!

Osamu Mohammed Mwatsingwa
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