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11.09.2017 11:10:02
Thank you for your help to everyone
Elizabeth Kuloba
12.08.2017 14:20:28
Jambo mama Ilonka,madam Silvia and Mr. Christian Remmert. Thank you so much for supporting me with college fees. I appreciate you so much mama Ilonka for your great struggle with Pro.Ukunda net Group to support me and I promise to work hard. Thank you so much.
Johnes Mwakomah
30.06.2017 14:06:43
Thank you very much for the medical support you give to Bongwe School Children. I count myself lucky to be working with Pro Ukunda.eV. It's the only Organization am working with, and it's unbelievable how co-operative they are. Thank you so much!!

I do confirm that the Children at Bongwe Primay School are flourishing because of your support.
Keep it up and let your fantastic Organization expand and do more work towards helping these kids of Bongwe.

God bless you all!
Dr. Johnes Mwakomah

Bakari Mwandege
22.05.2017 16:52:14
I'm so happy to say that, the School Perimeter wall was done well. The School Management Board appreciate your assistance and has promised to repair the collapsed areas of the barbed and chain wires with the poles available.

We even thank you for the Chairs and tables for our computer room.
The Government has started distributing the tablets instead of laptops to the schools. Fortunately our school has received 67 tablets for standard ones.

Both feeding programmes have started well, though the teacher incharge of the lunch program is facing some problems with the high increase of the commodities, but things are not so bad.

Thanking you once again for your help last term, regarding examinations. All pupils did their end of term one exams without problems.

Lastly, we appreciate the help regarding school uniforms. The little ones are so happy and are saying thank you!

Much greetings
Bakari Ali Mwandege
The Headmaster Bongwe Primary School
Ursula Staudt
17.05.2017 18:17:56
Tolle Initiative !
Dank an Eheleute Remmert !
Viel Erfolg weiterhin !
Habe heute kleine Spende überwiesen.

Ich würde gerne in 2018 / 19 einmal mit Euch nach Kenia reisen.
Großes Interesse !

Ursula Staudt
Mai 2017
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