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27.05.2022 09:39:01
Hallo everyone,it's another day,time and year 2022. Hopefully all is well back there in Germany as it is here in Kenya.
May I,on behalf of the Bongwe child and the entire community,take this time to thank Pro Ukunda e.V for your continued support to us.Surely the programs av really boosted the children's education and health status. Most of them are now doing well and joining junior high school.
We also appreciate ur support on the renovations made on some of the structures that appear old.Right now I can confirm that the all is well.
May I also thank the organisation for taking care of the needy and vulnerable students.The food and health services that you give them have really boosted their potential for learning.
The kindergarten is also doing well,more children are joining the school.
As a school we want to thank Pro Ukunda e.V for this generous effort. We all appreciate ur humble support and commitment towards our children. We look forward to continuing working together so that the dreams of this young generation may be realized.
Thank you,thank you so much. We wish you all the best as we continue to be good friends.
Best regards from:-
Ilonka Remmert
12.02.2022 11:08:47
Liebe Freunde und Helfer!
Nach 2 Jahren "Coronapause" grüße ich aus Ukunda. Endlich kann ich die Projekte selbst wieder sehen! Masoud hat in der Zwischenzeit alles bestens hier vor Ort abgewickelt. Nach meiner Rückkehr in 3 Wochen gibt es dann aktuelle Infos auf unserer homepage.
Sonnige Grüße aus dem heißen Kenia!
Ilonka Remmert
Ochuka Jacinta
26.11.2021 14:06:28
Happy thanksgiving!!!!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank mama Ilonka nad team for the continued help given to Bongwe primary school and the Bongwe village at large.The different programmes that are currently going on has resulted in improvement in learning to most of our children in Bongwe Primary.For instance the eye programme that is making sure that any bonngwe pupil with eye difficulty sees an optician and medication and spectacles provided all the way from primary level to Kiga.. Thank you very much.The feeding programme of the 30 sickly and needy pupils who used to take medication due to different illnesses and lacked proper feeding, this has improved the health of this pupils and most are nowadays quite active in school.Sadly we lost 3 due to lack of proper parental follow up of medication during the long covid 19 period break from school.This breaks my heart as a teacher but still motivated to continue being there for those who still need the help.Thank you for the food that your programme sends to them.Asante sana.. And to the other programme of educating the top pupils in secondary be blessed.. Our school looks more beautiful everyday through several innovations done frequently.. The feeding programme for class eight and other classes that nowadays rotates to different classes is of huge help..Asanteni sana.. Happy thanksgiving mama ilonka and team
Jacinta Ochuka, Teacher Bongwe Primary
17.11.2021 22:50:53
My name is Mbaji M.Munga,Head teacher Bongwe Primary School. May I take this opportunity,on behalf of the management,­teachers,­parents and pupils THANK Pro-Ukunda for the continued support uv given us.Surely we really appreciate you all for your good gesture.
The following are some of the activities undertaken by Pro-Ukunda:-
1.Feeding program for the pupils-Class 8,Kindergarten and the other alternating classes.
-Flooring of the class 8 block,
-Building of 2 cupboards in the two classes for class 8
-Flooring and painting of grade 3.Special need children
-Provision of food for the children of special needs well managed by Jacinta.
4.Health programs for the kindergarten
-Eye clinics are well conducted by the doctors as planned.
I wish to Express my sincere appreciation to Masoud who has worked tirelessly to make sure that all goes well.
We therefore send you all our warm greetings from Bongwe,all is well and we look forward for more support.
Bashir Hassan
11.06.2021 14:17:57
Liebe Pro-Ukunda,

Mein Name ist Bashir Hassan Moyo, geboren am 19. Oktober 1992 in einer Familie mit 8 Kindern, ich bin der 6. Unsere Eltern konnten uns keine Ausbildung geben. Ich habe Mama Ilonka 2009 kennengelernt, als ich aus Geldmangel nicht zur Schule ging.
Sie beschloss, mir zu helfen, mein Studium fortzusetzen. Ich war glücklich und versprach, mein Bestes zu geben. Mama Ilonka hat mich zu 100% unterstützt (Schuluniformen, Bücher, Fahrrad, Deutschkurs, usw), um meine Träume zu verwirklichen. 2012 war ich der beste französische Schüler in Kenia. Ich besuchte Frankreich im Jahr 2013 für französische kulturelle Aktivitäten. Es war nicht leicht, einen festen Beruf zu bekommen. Mama Ilonka hat mich noch in verschiedenen Studien unterstützt. Jetzt bin ich sehr glücklich und danke Mama Ilonka und dem Pro-Ukunda-Team von ganzem Herzen. Ich arbeite jetzt mit der französischen Regierung zusammen, ich bin die Rezeptionistin der französischen Botschaft in Kenia. Vielen Dank, Mama Ilonka. Vielen Dank, dass du mir Licht in meinem Leben gegeben hast. Ich möchte auch dem gesamten Pro-Ukunda-Team danken. Bitte fahren Sie mit der Guten Güte fort. Bitte geben Sie Licht in das Leben kenianischer Studenten.

Ganz herzlichen Dank und Grüße,

Bashir Hassan Moyo.
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