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Jacinta Ochuka
14.11.2020 14:40:34
Hello wonderful people.I'm happy to be writing here once again because my sickly and needy people are doing much much better..During the Covid 19 time when the schools had closed with your aid they continued getting food as usual.The feeding of the needy did not stop and this helped them improve more in their health..when we opened school in October for the grade 4 and class 8 who are under the needy and sickly program looked healthier and most had added some weight compared to how they were before.Even some of the teachers in the school noticed and commented positively about it..I'm back here to say thank you and thank you.Though I have around 2 or 3 out of the whole group whose health has not stabilised but the rest look healthier,stronger and happier .. thank you all for the support to our Bongwe pupils..much love from kenya
Bashir Hassan
08.11.2020 14:59:38
Ich heiße Bashir Hassan aus Ukunda-Kenia. Aus einer Familie mit 6 Kindern und Eltern. Ich möchte Pro-Ukunda aufrichtig für alles danken. Das Deutsch, das ich schreibe, ist ein lebenslanges Geschenk von Ihnen. Nochmals vielen Dank, dass Sie uns in dieser schwierigen Zeit mit Essen unterstützen. Das Programm ist sehr hilfreich. Dafür sind wir sehr dankbar. Ohne Ihre Unterstützung könnte unser Leben komplizierter sein. Gott segne PRO-UKUNDA

Bashir und Familie
Masoud Vumbi
20.08.2020 17:19:41
im Namen meiner Familie, moechte ich Pro Ukunda e.V und allen Hilfern dafuer danken, dass Sie uns seit dem Beginn der globalen Krise mit Geld unterstuetzt haben, um Lebensmittel zu kaufen. Ihre Hilfe wird hier sehr geschaetzt!

Vielen Dank!
Masoud Vumbi
Jacinta Ochuka
20.08.2020 17:08:02
Greetings!! Greetings,
I am thanking Mama Ilonka and Pro Ukunda e.V for the continued support given to Kenyan children in Bongwe School and even Bongwe Community as a whole. As a treacher of Bongwe School i'm so happy to say that the programme of giving food to the sick children has really helped my pupils and even their families, because some of them are using medicine daily and cannot afford the three meals at their homes!

Much love from Bongwe School!
Teacher Jacinta Ochuka
Naumi Dzivwa
20.08.2020 16:53:33
I would like to thank Pro Ukunda e.V for the food support they are giving us, since the beginning of the pandemic. Please, keep on helping us and may God bless you and the donors as well!

Thank you so much!
Naumi Dzivwa
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